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PT Inocycle Technology Group Tbk

Inocycle is a Clean-Tech Indonesia company that focuses on processing and recycling PET bottles and other plastic waste. Presenting global solutions to local problems. Turning trash into new resources.

Our Products


The fiber produced by Inocycle has Anti-Static, Anti-Bacterial and Fire-Resistant qualities


Inocycle also produces several home appliances (homeware) made from Re-PSF

Non Woven

Besides fiber, Inocycle produces and sells Geotextile non-woven products directly


Bedding Goods & Toys

Inocycle in application and from the pillow to the blanket and everything in between committed to giving you the best Sleep Quality and the best Toys Quality. This is evident because Inocycle uses Korean technology in its production process and is also done by professional workers so that the quality of the products from Inocycle is not in doubt.


Inocycle in the application as a heat sink this thermal insulation product can be applied to the roof of warehouses, factories, homes and others that require heat absorbers to be able to reduce heat so that the room temperature remains in a stable condition and still feels comfortable.


Inocycle in aplication as a Geotextile which functions to filter and prevent the immigration of particles from the soil / mud along with the water flow in the construction system where the main function of the geotexitile is to spread the load on the surface more evenly, so that the soil can support it properly.

Padding & Garment

Inocycle has become the dominant supplier for non-woven materials in Indonesia started from jackets, shoes, hats and bags. Inocycle brands have become known for apparel buyers from outside, in Indonesia. Made of 100% polyester fiber and manufactured using turbo engine Germans carding technology that produces padding with unique and powerful structure. Inocycle work on quilting with the standards design such as stripe, box, bottle, diamond, square, to special designs with large engine capacity.


A number of well-known automotive brands have collaborated with Inoocycle to provide a comfortable soundproof driving experience. Quality materials for polyester fiber products and other Inocycle products protect the body of the car to ensure vibration resistance when driving, and the temperature in the cabin of the car can be adjusted to the driver and passenger. The raw materials we provide are also used in carpet production, as well as car headrests, to provide comfort to the smallest details in your car.

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