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PT Inocycle Technology Group Tbk

Inocycle is a Clean-Tech Indonesia company that focuses on processing and recycling PET bottles and other plastic waste. Presenting global solutions to local problems. Turning trash into new resources.

Our Products


The fiber produced by Inocycle has Anti-Static, Anti-Bacterial and Fire-Resistant qualities


Inocycle also produces several home appliances (homeware) made from Re-PSF

Non Woven

Besides fiber, Inocycle produces and sells Geotextile non-woven products directly

About Us

Inocycle is synonymous with quality throughout Asia. Inocycle Production of Recycled Polyester Staple is the core of many and diverse ranging from Non Woven manufacturing to automotive, construction, agriculture, and infrastructure, garment, furniture. Inocycle is built on the promise of quality, which supports everything he creates. Inocycle products can be found at the core of Indonesia’s main industry. Mining, construction, manufacturing and infrastructure. We are proud to work on big projects for the Government and company partners that help build Indonesia in the future. As economic growth and diversification, we also do it. More than 200 million Indonesians use Inocycle product every day. And while it’s true that many of them might not even know it, it’s important for us that everything we do must have a positive impact on our country and its people. This goal has driven our quality control for more than 40 years. By working in partnership with everyday Indonesians, we make a significant, positive and sustainable difference to the world around us. LOCAL MIND. ACT GLOBAL We are a company with global standards and ambitions. But that does not mean we have lost sight of our responsibility for Indonesia and its people. We employ more than 2,000 people throughout the country. And our success is their success. So we understand the need to balance the aspirations of our team with the demands of modern business. Through proactive talent management, we continue to identify future leaders then work with them to reach their full potential.

Our Factory locations are located in Central Jawa, East Java and Tangerang Indonesia. We can produce PSF Hollow Conjugated Siliconized, Hollow Conjugated Non Siliconized, Solid White Regular, Solid Black Regular, Flame Retadant Fiber and Anti Fungus Fiber. Our PSF is of excellent quality for Pillow, Dolls, Bedding Goods, Furniture, Carpet Interior / Automotive and Non Noven Product.

Size of our products :

1.5d/3d/7d/10d/15d/20d and 32mm/64mm/76mm

Our total production capacity is 3000MT / month and our Fiber Division is recognized for the consistency and reliability of its manufacturing, product quality, use of the best practices and processes, and a team of experienced professionals.


“Become the Largest Sustainable Eco-Friendly Recycled Fiber Company that produces World-Class quality products”



Producing world class eco polyester fiber with industry professionals


The expansion of the business through ‘Plastic Pay’ throughout Indonesia long term


Significantly contributes to reducing national waste pollution and creating an ideal and sustainable living environment


Development of a national-scale production and sales network that covers all major cities in Indonesia for the Recycled Fiber business.


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